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Bri Malandro Hair Care and Covid 19

Posted by MH Admin on

ALLURE: Before stay-at-home orders, did you get your hair done professionally? If so, how often and what was your go-to style?

BRI MALANDRO: I still haven't mastered braiding my own hair, but I did well enough to put a wig on a few weeks ago. My hair is just natural now which is cool, 'cause I just started working out. I actually might get box braids sometime in [the summer] I hate to say. The girl who does mine has been doing them for years and always did house-calls, but even those are a risk now.

ALLURE: Have you experimented with different colors or styles? In the same vein, do you feel like you have more freedom to experiment since you’re at home?

BM: When I was a dancer, my go-to color was always blonde and since then, I haven't been too afraid of color. I've experienced with others like blue, red, pink, and green over the years, but I will say to pull certain colors off in daytime/HD, you need to be almost professional yourself to lay them properly or it won't look right. I still haven't had a vibrant color laid by a professional; that's something I need to check off the list soon.

ALLURE: Do you have to be on video calls for work/school? If so, do you feel pressure to look “presentable” on-screen?

BM: They rotate remote [working] at my job so only half of the staff is there now. I come in giving what I give, I might even have my bonnet on. I don't think anyone should feel pressured given the status of the world, but it's true that you feel better when you look better.

ALLURE: What do you most enjoy about doing your own hair? Do you feel more connected to your Blackness?

BM: I've been natural since 2010 and experienced a lot of trial and error, so nothing has changed really. Like India.Arie said, "I am not my hair." Weave, natural, wig, whatever, I'm always going to be me regardless.

ALLURE: What’s the first style you want to get once this is over?

BM: Box braids or knotless braids are next, but once it's really over, I might get that colorful install.


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