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Covid 19 and Hair Care Foluké in Brooklyn, New York

Posted by MH Admin on

Foluké in Brooklyn, New York

Before Quarantine:
I've been natural since birth, but I've always struggled with hair management. I started wearing it straight in high school, then wore it natural in college. Despite complaints and concerns from family members, I wore it natural into the working world as well. I've cut it out of dissatisfaction, and I've held contempt for having to style it.

During Quarantine:
Probably my fourth week in quarantine, I realized that taking care of my hair was an act of love and not for vanity or the benefits of others. In washing, conditioning, and moisturizing my strands, I was able to enhance my hair health without focusing on the beauty output. Ironically, this has lead to more growth and beautiful curls. Now, wash day will be a gift and an indulgence instead of a chore.


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