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Four Ways to Conceal Hair Loss

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occurrence, but most women experiencing it don’t like to talk to their best friend about it - much less their doctor or anyone else for that matter.

Many factors can play into hair loss, from illness to genetics. No matter what, you should start with talking to your doctor. But in the meantime, there are ways to conceal hair loss.

  1. Get the Right Hairstyle – Call around your area and find a salon that has a stylist who has dealt with hair loss. Depending on how severe your situation is, you may be able to simply style your hair in a different way that strategically covers the hair loss. If you normally part your hair on the left, try parting it on the other side to see if that makes a difference. But, dealing with a professional is the best way to ensure that you get a good style.. Sadly, this professional help will not happen at a chain chop shop. You’ll need to find an upscale solution but when you spend the extra time and money on a truly professional service, you usually end up with results that last longer.
  2. Wear a Wig – If your hair loss is especially severe, you may want to consider wigs and hairpieces. Today, most wigs and hairpieces (even the ones on the lower price scale) are very well made and don’t make your head as hot as the old-fashioned wigs used to. You can go to a wig shop too and try on some different styles, and then they’ll make one especially for your needs.
  3. Bald Is Beautiful – Women are conditioned to have long hair but that doesn’t mean you don’t look beautiful bald or with a buzz cut. Sometimes that is a great solution, depending on where you live. If you live in a hot and humid climate, getting a buzz cut or letting yourself be bald can be a fashion statement of your own. After all, why should you hide something if you don’t really want to?
  4. Scarves Are In – Another great way to deal with your hair loss is to use scarves, hats, and other head coverings as a fashion statement. You can use them in strategic ways or cover your entire head. It’s up to you. You can get so many colors and do so many things with scarves that you will feel beautiful.

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