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Hair Relief

Posted by MH Admin on

When the package first arrived we thought the massagers were flimsy, but having now used them repeatedly over the last several weeks, I can say that I am quite fond of them! Yes, the prongs do band easily, but given differing head sizes, I would say this is a good thing. I have a larger head with a sensitive scalp and was very happy that I could make the massager larger. Some of the scalp massagers I have tried in stores do not bend easily, so they

may be softer on small heads and really hard on larger heads - which is why I never liked them.

 Some people have asked if massaging the scalp stimulates hair growth. Through both research and personal experience, I can say YES, scalp massage definitely stimulates hair growth! Anything that stimulates the nerves in the scalp will increase blood flow thereby increasing both the rate and amount of hair growth. The increase in blood flow will also send more nutrients to the hair, making that which does grow healthier.



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