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Idara Eno Dealing With Covid 19 and Natural Hair

Posted by MH Admin on

ALLURE: Before stay-at-home orders, did you get your hair done professionally? If so, how often and what was your go-to style?

IDARA ENO: Before, I did not get my hair done professionally. The last time I went to get my hair done was about two years ago, and it was Senegalese twists. Other than that, I do my own hair and on occasion, will let my sister or mom do it. I don’t really like going to get my hair done, to be honest. I’m very picky with how I like my hair done and touched, so I’ve learned to do the styles I really enjoy myself.

ALLURE: What has been your everyday style during this time?

IE:  I’ve done a variety of styles. In the beginning, I did an easy protective crochet style on myself. That usually lasts about three to four weeks. I took that down and tried the long ponytail look and blew my hair out to get the sleekness. That style was fire. My twin sister was experimenting with bohemian knotless braids and it turned out to be really nice. Naturally, I had her try them on me and I loved it! Since taking those down, I’ve been stretching my hair and wearing it natural.

ALLURE: Have you experimented with different colors or styles? In the same vein, do you feel like you have more freedom to experiment since you’re at home?

IE: I have definitely experimented with color. Since being home, I feel there’s more time to experiment with ideas that would take too long before. I’ve always given myself the freedom to try things with my hair. Now, I just have more time to do styles that I wouldn’t normally have the time or energy to do.

ALLURE: Have tutorials on YouTube been helpful to you at all as you attempt styles?

IE: Um, YES! I live for YouTube tutorials and hairstyle videos. YouTube is a great outlet to learn from women who actually look like me — that is where I get a majority of my hair inspo and guidance. Without YouTube, I can guarantee you I would have never gone natural. 

ALLURE: What do you most enjoy about doing your own hair? Do you feel more connected to your Blackness?

IE: There are so many positives associated with being able to do my hair myself. I get to save money, because some stylists do amazing work but can be expensive for my budget. I also get to learn about my hair that had been hidden with relaxers for a major part of my life so far. I’ve been natural now about the same amount of time I was relaxed, but I was so young and didn’t have control of my hair care. I do feel more connected to my Blackness being natural and doing my hair how I want. 

ALLURE: What have you learned about your hair during this time?

IE: During this time, I’ve fallen back in love with taking time to care for my hair. When going into the office and commuting to the city every day, I get home and am usually too tired to actually give my hair TLC. Now that I’ve been working remotely, I get more moments to appreciate my hair and give it the attention it deserves.


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