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Nancy in San Antonio

Posted by MH Admin on

Before Quarantine
Growing up, I never really learned how to style or fully embrace my natural curls, so my hair was always worn in a braid or ponytail. Seven years ago, I decided to start flat-ironing it regularly. While I definitely enjoyed the versatility of straight hair, I've always felt somewhat guilty for not loving my natural hair the way I should. In the last year or so, the heat damage started to show — and I had been planning on putting down the flat iron at some point this year.

During Quarantine:
During the first week I started working from home, I realized I would have to start embracing my curls. Any nerves that I had about the process went away knowing that no one would see the awkward grow-out phase. I thought it would be a lot harder to stay away from my flatiron, but I don’t really miss it at at all. It’s been great seeing my curls bounce back over the past few weeks. I’m starting to love my curls more than I ever did before, and it feels great.

Once this quarantine is over, I would love to get a much-needed haircut to further enhance my curls and master how to style them the right way. My goal is to not go back to straightening it. I’m starting to see them in a different light and I hope to keep it that way.


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