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Product Of The Month

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  • HAPPY HEAD – Do you love getting your head massaged or gently scratched? You’ll love how ridiculously good and relaxing our scalp massagers are. Use it once and you’ll get hooked.
  • SOOTHING FINGER TIPS OF ANGELS – While other scalp massagers scratch, pull on your hair, and take weeks to get from China. The MoreHair.biz Scalp Massager has rubber beads over each spindle that glides over your scalp producing a euphoric feeling every time you use it and can be ordered with MoreHair.biz. Feel your stress instantly melt away and feel a sense of calm.
  • 1-PACK SCALP MASSAGER – We include 1 scalp massagers inside to give one to a friend or family member. No more fighting over who gets to use it and watch people around you get calm, relaxed, and happier while everyone can stroke their head.


HELP PROMOTE WORLD PEACE - Dandruff, scalp tension, stress, or  just need to relax once you start using the scalp massager. Feel recharged for a brighter positive state of mind that anyone can use with little effort. We want to spread this soothing tool to everyone at a price that anyone can afford one person at a time.


Washing Your Hair.

  1. Properly wet your hair and make sure that your hair in drenched in water.
  2. Take a small amount of shampoo about two quarter sizes in your hands and rub your hands together. Lavender smoothly through your hair.
  3. Run your fingers through your hair or use a wide tooth comb.
  4. Next take MoreHair.biz scalp massager and massage scalp.
  5. Make sure you are relax. If you need help ask a friend, sibling or someone you trust to massage your hair.





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