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Shelli Nicole Covid 19 and Natural Hair

Posted by MH Admin on

SHELLI NICOLE: I used to get my hair done in protective styles every one and a half months, taking a two- to three-week break in between. My hair is natural, so I loved turning to crochet braids to help keep [it] happy and healthy. I prefer the method of braiding my hair into cornrows and crocheting the hair in — it makes me feel like I'm taking better care of my hair than with the singular crochet method. In between styles, I would take my hair out and get a natural blowout (with a wash and deep condition, of course) and work with that for two weeks. I'd use the blowout to do twist-outs and space buns once it got a few days old.

ALLURE: What’s the first style you want to get once this is over?

SN: I am so excited to get my crochets back. [I'll probably get] waist-length passion twist crochets with my [hairline] out. I should order my hair now though so I am prepared — can't wait to sit on my own hair again.


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