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About Us

MoreHair.biz provides Natural Hair Consulting for women of all backgrounds. Whether they have natural or chemically processed hair. We provide hair products, e-books, articles, and much more to help provide the best resources for your hair journey. We're passionate about helping and encouraging others on their hair journey to healthy, long, thick, and beautiful hair. Over the years we have helped many college students, adults, and children with hair loss, detangling, split ends, dry hair issues, hairstyles and much more. Did you know that hair loss is the number one issue that men and women have today? Also, did you know that 80% of men and women who struggle with hair loss battle with depression? Many times we face situations that strike at our self-esteem, beauty, and confidence but MoreHair.biz is equipped with over 10 years experience in the hair industry to pull you through your hair issues. It's time for a change to help you once again love who you are. Stay Beautiful, Solae