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Relief in Beauty
Did you know that 80% of women who suffer from hair loss, also suffer from depression?

When we think about beauty, we think about celebrities, the newest hair styles, beauty products or salon. All of these things have an expense attached to it especially for a person who is homeless. Who has to deal with the pain of not having to basic necessities to cope through life or just wanting to feel like a human being who’s beautiful.

Your hair is linked to your confidence. Everyone’s heard of the phrase “bad hair day” that may last a day or two, then go to your stylist who can fix it in thirty minutes. Everyone knows the feeling of battling with your emotions to make yourself feel beautiful or even have the confidence to say it out your mouth “I’m beautiful.” But, what about the homeless women who are trying to get a job and doesn’t have the confidence because she uncomfortable with her hair, fearing that they would judge her on her appearance. Have you considered putting hair products in a care package?
There is relief in Beauty. Here are is one inexpensive product that I’ve found that works and at the same time it cleanse your hair and helps it to grow like any other shampoo or conditioner.
Apple cider vinegar- The best hair cleanser that will resolve dandruff, hair build up, hair odors and even hair loss. The key to having healthy hair is having a clean scalp and also ratting healthy.
Be healthy for your hair.
When you become healthier, it follows that your hair would have improvements on its health as well. In
other words, your hair would also grow faster than usual. Thus, it is best to follow healthy practices, if you want to grow your hair fast, as well as if you want it to look really be beautiful.
Stay beautiful Solae
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