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LYRIC Top Piece by Raquel Welch

Orange Artemis

Regular price $177.65

Soft waves on a monofilament top allow for contemporary styling options with parting flexibility. Lightweight and flexible, Lyric is suited for use with short to chin-length styles that need extra fullness. This handy piece can also be used to give an updo a sophisticated finish.

Top Piece for???all Hair Loss Stages

Sheer Indulgence�??? Monofilament Top

Vibralite?? Synthetic Hair

Front: 4???�??‹¨«

Crown: 5�??‹¨«

Sides: 5???�??‹¨«

Back: 5???�??‹¨«

Base: 6???�??‹¨« by 6???�??‹¨«

Weight: 0.85 oz.